Parking Lot Seal Coating or Driveway Seal Coating is the act of placing a liquid emulsion called sealant over an asphalt base. It is typically applied over clean asphalt with a spray application and/or rubber squeegees, depending on your lot layout and size, to seal and protect the asphalt surface of your lot.


Seal coat manufacturers recommend applying two coats of asphalt sealant to your asphalt surface every 1 to 2 years, depending on use and wear. The main reason to apply new sealant to your lot is to protect the number one investment on your property, and that's your asphalt. Seal coating is to asphalt what sunscreen application is to your skin. It keeps the asphalt protected and safe from the harsh elements. When the rock face of the asphalt begins to show, a new seal coat should be applied immediately to prevent damage to the asphalt surface underneath.  The harsh weather we enjoy in Colorado is hard on seal coat and asphalt. However, there are other factors adding to the wear and tear of your asphalt driveways and asphalt lots. Sprinkler run-off, extreme weather, the sun's ultraviolet rays & automobile traffic are four of the main culprits in wearing away the protective layers of sealant you apply every year. If the protective sealant is not replaced regularly, you risk damage to the asphalt surface below. Many seal coat contractors try to sell you expensive asphalt repairs when all you need is a new layer of seal coat. Call us for a fair and honest evaluation of your parking lot's seal coat needs.

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