Striping and marking is the finishing touch to a beautifully designed and installed asphalt parking lot. Whether it is a new parking lot, a fresh asphalt overlay or newly applied seal coat, the bright colors of the striping and marking on the rich black surface is the "icing on the cake."


In addition, those bright colors are critical to directing people safely around your parking area. Crosswalks, stop bars, loading zone markings, and properly marked pick-up areas inform both drivers and pedestrians where they can safely drive and walk, when to give right of way to traffic and what areas to avoid.  Perhaps most important of all is the fact that we stay current regarding state codes and laws for handicapped parking and stall sizes.


A thoughtfully planned parking lot is design to accommodate the most cars possible in a safe manner. The striping and marking is the final step in meeting this goal in a cost effective manner.


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