Infrared repairs are superior to the traditional methods of saw cut remove and replace in many circumstances because the asphalt is heated and bonds the asphalt cement and stones together.


Once the pavement has reached the correct temperature the heater is then removed and a steel rake squares the area around the damaged surface to scarify the asphalt. New asphalt is then added to the repair to bring the area up to grade. The new asphalt is then compacted, ensuring a watertight seamless patch.  Infrared patching also prevents dirt and water from penetrating into the base causing more pavement damage and expensive repairs.


Infrared repairs are proven to be a very cost effective way of repairing  and protecting asphalt in many circumstances including:


  • Repairing potholes & deteriorated surface areas

  • Eliminating depressions & water retention holes

  • Achieving a smooth blacktop at transition joints

  • Repairing newer pavement without saw cutting

  • Repairing service cuts

  • Adjusting pavement height to fit manholes

  • Lowering high rise areas

  • Repairing deteriorated seams

....and to avoid litigation at all costs, FIX THOSE TRIPPING HAZARDS!

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