New installation for new parking lots can be completed at varied depth to plans and specifications. An asphalt overlay involves paving a new layer of asphalt over the top of existing asphalt or concrete pavement.











An overlay can be a suitable and cost effective option for pavement that is in decent overall condition but may have some problem areas. Overlays are less expensive than new paving and the job can often be completed much more quickly, but the condition of the underlying pavement and subgrade must be carefully inspected before attempting to perform an asphalt overlay. Often times rotomilling or grinding down of existing asphalt is necessary to achieve proper drainage of the parking lot or driveway. Overlays may not be an option for some pavement surfaces that have suffered more severe damage like extensive cracking or crumbling. Proper installation of an asphalt overlay is extremely important and should only be used in situations in which the overlay will perform effectively for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, many less reputable paving contractors do not perform proper and adequate installation of overlays, which leads to poor performance and premature failure of overlay asphalt surfaces.


Asphalt overlays are a good option for business owners and property managers who are interested in giving their property a facelift and perking up their curb appeal while also improving the performance and safety of their parking lot or other pavement surfaces.

New projects or rennovations will generally require installing new full-depth asphalt, in more than one lift, per the design of the project. An asphalt overlay involves paving a new layer of asphalt over the top of existing asphalt pavement. APEX is offering a full range of new paving, rennovations and asphalt overlay services to our customers.

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